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Overlooking Llewellyn Glacier, British Columbia, Canada. Photo: M. J. Beedle

“The grand glacier came into sight, lying at  home in its massive granite valley, glowing in the sunshine, and  extending a most noble invitation to come and see.”

–John Muir, Letters from Alaska

Welcome to GlacierChange.org! The mission of GlacierChange.org is to provide a portal for all-things ‘glacier’.  Photography, painting, research, glacier-news, writing, video, mythology . . . all digital, glacier-related content is welcome for display at GlacierChange.org.  And as long as you have an interest in glaciers please consider yourself a potential contributor and colleague.

Please check out the ‘About’ page to read a bit more on the mission and vision of GlacierChange.org!

In the coming days the GlacierChange.org Blog will be highlighting some of the initial content, introducing the features/intentions of the website, and then begin to add additional content that is currently in development.

We hope you will visit (and contribute!) regularly.

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David McLaughlin

August 2, 2011

I’m excited by this website and look forward to visiting it often. My travels continue to take me to or near these ‘lumbering-giants’ and it would be a pleasure to share any images that I can capture before they disappear……