Mendenhall Glacier: 2011 Update

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Thunder Mountain provides a fantastic vantage point to photograph Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska and to observe changes through repeat photography.  This photo pair shows recession of Mendenhall Glacier, but also surface lowering and volume change:

In September of 2011 photographer Jack Beedle revisited this location, enabling a view of changes of Mendenhall Glacier during the past year:

Cropped versions of these two photos:

It is quite clear that the terminus of Mendenhall Glacier has continued to recede and thin over the past year.  More quantitative assessment of recent Mendenhall Glacier recession is in the works at, but you can view extent change data for 1974 to 2001 here.

Some of the recent peer-reviewed literature on Mendenhall Glacier change can be found here:

Thanks to Jack for the time taken and effort made to get back to this location and for submitting his photos to!

More Information on Mendenhall Glacier:

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