We’re All Together Again (Blogging From the Field #49)

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Post by Kristin Timm, photos by Jeff Kavanaugh

[This post is part of a series of real-time communication from participants in the 2012 Juneau Icefield Research Program.  The program begins June 23rd and concludes August 18th.] 

It is official! As of 8:30 PM on 13 August 2012, the last trail party arrived in Atlin and we are all back together! Like other parts of the traverse this summer, we took off on smaller trail parties over several days. The last group, with Marco, Newt, Ben, and Scott McGee departed Camp-26 Monday morning. They travelled via boat to Atlin in the evening, and unfortunately the boat ran out of gas a few miles from Atlin. They had to be towed in by the RCMP (aka the “Mounties”), and we welcomed them in with applause from the dock.

We celebrated the arrival of our friends with a huge Thanksgiving style feast! Several people worked all afternoon preparing an amazing meal of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, salad, squash, and pie.

It was an amazing evening with a beautiful sunset. The weather has been really nice in Atlin. We crossed the icefield, and in doing so, we crossed the coast range and are now in a drier, warmer continental climate. The skies have even been clear enough to spend a few nights sleeping out on the wide docks over the lake. We were treated with clear dark skies—perfect for watching meteors and the aurora borealis.

Aurora borealis over JIRP Camp-30  – a.k.a. the old Atlin hospital. (Photo by Jeff Kavanaugh)

It’s great that we are all back together, and things are beginning to move quickly again. There is a long list of things to do today in preparation for our presentations to the Atlin community tonight and our departure for Skagway on Wednesday morning. We have to make about 300 cookies for the presentation tonight, finish our presentations, set up the Rec Center for the presentations, and do some additional chores to clean up the camp and prepare for our departure from Atlin tomorrow.

The presentations tonight will highlight the student research projects, and while we are unable to record the Atlin presentations, we hope to have a video of our Juneau presentations. We know many of you have followed our work all summer, and you would appreciate seeing and learning about the work we have done! Check back again for the blog and YouTube video of the talks…


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