About GlacierChange.org

Our Mission

The mission of GlacierChange.org is to provide a portal for all-things glacier.  We aim to accurately and clearly present our ever-changing glaciers through imagery, science and art.

“…the grand glacier came into sight, lying at home in its massive granite valley, glowing in the sunshine, and extending a most noble invitation to come and see.”

–John Muir, Letters from Alaska

We invite you to join us at GlacierChange.org, and to come and see.  Welcome!

Who We Are

The content of GlacierChange.org is entirely from submissions by individuals with an interest in glaciers. Contributors include scientists, mountaineers, authors, graduate students, photographers, skiers, artists, adventurers and more. The only prerequisite for submission of content is that you have a passion for glaciers!


GlacierChange.org was started and is managed by Matt Beedle. Matt recently completed a PhD at theUniversity of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) where he studied glacier change and relations to climate variability in northern BC. During the final three years of his PhD research, Matt was a Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS) Graduate Fellow. It was this fellowship, titled ‘Communicating the implications of climate change through the study of glacier recession’, that led to GlacierChange.org. Thank you to UNBC and PICS for helping make GlacierChange.org a reality! Learn more about Matt in his CV and on LinkedIn.

Learn more about GlacierChange.org from this Alaska-Magazine article by Sherry Simpson:  At Glacial Speed

GlacierChange.org:  A Note on Our Name

‘Glacier change’ is a bit redundant.  Glaciers, by definition, change continuously.  Glaciers are continuously moving, adding and losing mass, their margins retreating or advancing.    These changes, these dynamic natural features, these glaciers are the stars of GlacierChange.org.

A Note on Content

Glaciers don’t have an agenda, and neither does GlacierChange.org.  It is our aim, our mission, our purpose to present all-things ‘glacier’ in a collaborative, accessible manner.  Our glaciers – wherever they are, no matter how small (or big!), advancing or retreating, surging or downwasting – have a story to tell; it is our goal to help share this story.  All glacier-related content is welcomed, and encouraged, for submission at GlacierChange.org, within reason.  Content should be devoid of policy advocacy and hyperbole.


Join the growing list of GlacierChange.org colleagues and contributors!  Please be in touch via email (connect@glacierchange.org) for details on submissions.