Glacier Science Media Links


The mission of “Glacier Science Media Links” at is to provide a catalog of links for glacier-science audio and visual mass media.  Do you have favorite glacier-related audio or video links that you don’t see below?  If so, please be in touch:



  • Glacier Science  A nice interview with Drs. Neal Iverson and Richard Alley discussing glacier sliding, the challenges of investigating conditions under a glacier, and potential for rapid glacier flow.  NPR from July 4, 2003 (3:32).


  • Bolivia’s Glaciers Melt Away  Learn about Bolivia’s dwindling glaciers and impacts on water resources in this New York Times Science video.  December 14, 2009 (6:44).
  • Hunters of Knowledge and Peace: Mary Schäffer & Mary Vaux  A wonderful video on two early explorers of the Canadian Rockies.  Mary Vaux is perhaps best known as one of the Vaux-family siblings who explored, studied, and photographed glaciers of the Canadian Rockies in the late 19th century (4:21).
  • Lee Hotz:  Inside an Antarctic time machine  Lee Hotz discusses Antarctica, the challenging logistics and methods of drilling an ice core at the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) Divide, and the  extraction of this “time machine” of past climate.  TED Talks from  July 2010 (9:45).
  • Tracking Greenland’s Glaciers  A New York Times Science video which follows a team of scientists to Greenland where they investigate the dynamics of ice sheets.  From November 17, 2010 (4:13).