Paintings by Mia Baila

“I paint the glaciers and surrounding fjords (glacier avenues, I call them) because I love them, know that most of them are receding, and want to stop a little time in my paintings of them. I am mostly drawn to paint the ones I’ve seen in Alaska, I guess because they seem closer to me and many are tidewater glaciers which brings water into the mix…another of my favorite subjects.”  –Mia Baila

Mia Baila is a Portland, Oregon based artist who returns frequently to the fjords of Alaska to photograph and paint stunning glacier-scapes!

“Smith Glacier, College Fjord”

Smith Glacier, in pristine College Fiord.  It is cold and lonely here, nothing but the glaciers and the silence of ancient ice.  Painting it from the photos puts me right back there.” — Mia Baila

 “Frozen Memory, Lamplugh Glacier”

“Frozen Memory is a painting of Lamplugh Glacier in Glacier Bay. The day we visited was cool and misty…typical for that area…but the mists and clouds that came swirling down over the mountains and touched the glacier seemed only to intensify the famous ‘glacier blue’ that is one of the things Lamplugh is famous for. The image was ‘frozen’ in my mind, hence the name of the painting.”  — Mia Baila

“Margerie Glacier”

“Margerie Glacier:  This day was a gift of pure brilliant sunshine, so rare in Glacier Bay. The wind that came off the glacier was the freshest wind I’ve ever felt, and looking up was like looking into an infinity of ice.”  — Mia Baila

“It is really easy to remember almost everything about my trips to Alaska because the actuality of the glaciers themselves lent that time an almost surreal quality. It is hard to believe that such beauty exists, and that finally I was able to experience it, and that was followed closely by a question to myself:  what took me so long to get there?”  –Mia Baila

To explore more of Mia’s fantastic work please visit her website.  Another painting by Mia, “Autumn in Mendenhall”, is featured in the Mendenhall Glacier Scrapbook.