Robson Glacier:  Repeat Photography

Robson Glacier from near Mumm Basin Route

Robson Glacier from near the Mumm Basin Route showing 100 years of recession.  The 2011 image was taken from a location perhaps 50 – 100 m above where Byron Harmon set his tripod in 1911.  Working our way down from the Mumm Basin Route, trying to line up foreground ridges with background landmarks, we came to a steep scree slope that we chose not to venture down.  It appears that Byron Harmon, in 1911, before the current Mumm Basin Route, likely hiked up through dense forest and took the 1911 photo shortly after reaching treeline.

Robson Glacier, and the surrounding mountains and glaciers, has been a destination for exploration and science for many decades.  Writing of their 1953 expedition in the Canadian Rockies William O. Field and Calvin J. Heusser wrote in the Canadian Alpine Journal:

“Even within the space of a few years the changes may be startling, and serve as a vivid reminder of the ever-changing aspect of the land surface.”

Thanks to Roger Wheate for this fantastic – centenary – repeat photograph!


Field, W. O. and Heusser, C. J., 1954, Glacier and botanical studies in the Canadian Rockies, 1953, Canadian Alpine Journal, 37, 128 – 140.